… In a few more weeks, Lawn mowing season.

Picture taken last spring.

As many of you are aware our host continues to alter the visibility of pages, particularly pages such as this. The selection as to what pages come up on page feeds is based on an algorithms system. As a result, page views here and at many of your other favorite sites have dropped by 50-80%. Have you noticed that some of the pages you use to see are no longer showing up as often?. I have noticed that some of the pages I use to see on my feed have dissapeared.

The way you can help is quite simple. Please comment on or share on all the pictures I post. Although the “likes” so many of you offer are appreciated, and are a strong motivator for me to keep posting, they appear to no longer be as impacting on the algorithms.

Please continue on with your kindness and flood the comment sections. Use it to comment on the pictures I share daily, share your own stories, or even share some of your pictures.

Additionally, your shares will help get the word out to others.

Thanks so much.

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