Black Friday Shopping Ideas!

So, You are sitting there, nursing a hangover,  thinking to yourself; “It’s already Black Friday?. Wasn’t it  summer a few weeks ago?. I have to start thinking about Christmas?…….  Then reality hits. “I have to  go shopping?… I have to deal with the traffic at the malls?. Then go inside and deal with a bunch of people I don’t want to deal with?….Yelling and screaming bratty kids?…Why did we open that last bottle of wine?…  Just kill me!”….

I have the perfect solution for your problem. My 2018 Calendars!. Check out the pictures I picked out for next year. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends, family and coworkers when you give them one of my calendars for Christmas. You can give them 12 months of happiness. Think about all the presents you have given or received that end up being put someplace after a few weeks. With my calendars, you have 12 months to enjoy them.  They look great hanging in the kitchen, your office and even a cubicle at work. Imagine all the people complimenting you on your great taste in presents. The best part is, they are wicked cheap. Only $14.99 each!!!. That is less than a penny a day (I did the math)!. 

For a whopping $14.99 (Plus shipping), you, your friends and coworkers can have one of my really neat calendars!.  The wall calendars can be ordered from –

AND, this year. I found a place that makes desktop calendars!.  I will dive into that subject as soon as I dream up a sales pitch.